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ARTinED - A new approach to education using the arts’, is a significant European Union funded education project that has designing innovative methodologies to add the arts and creativity into primary schools as a key component of every school subject.
This wiki space is for use by schools and visitors who wish to be directly involved in the project by using the resources of the project available on the website at Point_B.gif. Any school wishing to be involved can ask for a page where they can add the work the students complete, videos, images and descriptions to share with all the schools across Europe involved.

If you are an educators or teacher that wants to use the resources of the project you can register on this wiki (see the black bar 'Join' in the top right corner) and ask for your own page to add information about your school, images and videos of the work your students produce. Full information is available on the 'How to use the Wiki page'Point_B.gif

See more on the ARTinED website Point_B.gif

Piloting ARTinED in London, UK

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Download ebooklet: ARTinED a new approach to education using the Arts

ARTinED webinar

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