Gazi Secondary School

We are bilingual school, my students begin to learn English during 4'th grade...

We have swimming team, football ,basketball, tenis, table tennis ,field and track team in my school.
They had many local and national competition and won lots of medals....
Also the students involved international projects and e-twinning as well...

The school was built in 1933.. It is one of the most popular and successful school of İzmir since it is in the city center and the students have been awarded with many medals in various competitions.

Our school is a secondary school with the number of 1150 students and 70 teachers. There are 28 classrooms, one science lab, one computer lab, one physical education room, a class for special (autistic) students, two kindergarten classes, a very big meeting room, a counselor room, teachers room,big canteen ,a library and a big garden. There is a basketball court .

İzmir has rich cultural heritage, and serves good model of peace.And also has many attractions to visit Virgin Mary house and Ancient city Ephessus..
The school is located in western part of Turkey, İzmir, known as the most modern city in Turkey and the neighborhood of the school situated in the most modern district in the City, Alsancak .
The pupil's families are from medium socio-economic level. Most of them are officers in the offices. They are neither rich nor poor. They try to do everything for their children's education. The students are interested in different types of social activities. Every child in the school has the opportunity to connect the internet at their school or home with their own computers. The most of school pupils spend their time in front of computers or TV but also some of them do other activities that improve their physical development.
There are many workshops in our school such as folk dance groups, school newspaper, different sport clubs and students’ parliament. After school our students take part in different projects and competition activities, and show good results in them.

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