Miron Pompiliu

What tell us finished product?

Understandably communication between children is an art.
Created story did not require any special equipment, just toys created and canary (the body with life).

In the 4 hours of science they learned about the environment:
  • life and lifeless bodies
  • natural materials and processed materials
  • about flexibility, fragility, hardness, opaque, transparent
  • liquid state, solid state, gaseous state

Children were inventive, hilarious.Andrew has initiated a conflict.Then they negotiated.
They observed the trophical chain in nature.
By the activity developed they learned new words and they could use it correctly.

They created:
  • A day like a story - a mock and a story
  • The rain - a song
Below you can read the story and song lyrics.

IMG_0627.JPGIMG_0628.JPG IMG_0629.JPG