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Water Changes.pdf

We all need water song..pdf

We all need water.pdf

What's in Soil.pdf

What's in Soil?.pdf

The Water in the world goes round and round

Please take a listen. We hope to get some of you to write and perform a rap to go with this. We will also need some strong dance moves to go with it.

We also worked on the other song “The Water in the world goes round and round”

Here are the photos to help you remember the correct order of there verses.
The water in the world goes round & round.jpg
The water from the sea goes into the air.jpg
The water in the rain falls on the ground.jpg
The water in the sea goes up and down.jpg
The water in the ground goes to the river.jpg
The clouds in the sky are way up high.jpg

The water cycle

Here are some images from the drama work.

The Brainstorming


We worked very hard thinking about what we already knew about water. Then we played a game and discovered that it is much harder to freeze and be still than it is to act like water vapour and swirl around!

A special drawing
A special drowing.jpg
What a fantastic underwater scene created by Susannah!

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