Ciao, siamo la classe 4A e 4B e con le nostre maestre Debora e Maria Cristina partecipiamo a ARTinED!

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Scuola Primaria “Mons. Simonetti” Pescia, Italy

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The fantastic journey of Scia-Scia, the tiny drop of water.

Once upon a time in a spring morning, Scia-scia the water drop, was

playing happily with her friends in a puddle in the garden.

Suddenly rain started heavily pouring from the sky. The rain turned

into a flood and the happy water-drops ended up being dragged into a

big torrent. In this torrent, the drops met other water-drops of their

kind and all together they ended up facing a huge waterfall. This

waterfall took all the drops in the torrent and pushed them into a

river that was flowing in an enchanted valley. In this valley lived

strange and scary beings. The drops decided to stand very close one

each other as they were flowing and observed the outer world.

Meanwhile, as they were staring, the flow of the river carried all the

drops to the sea, where beautiful fishes with coloured scales were


Suddenly, the sun who was going for a walk in the sky, noticed the

water-drops and invited them up to join him for a party.

The water-drops dressed up to look beautiful and helped their friends

too, the female water-drops were wearing white dresses made of tulle

with pearls whilst the male water-drops were wearing elegant evening


When all the drops were ready, the sun evaporated them: As they were

flowing to the sky they shook and shuffled around, creating a cloud

which looked like a hot-air balloon.

The wind, which was blowing them around, decided to lift them up

towards a mountain.

The drops were staying close to each other in the hot-air balloon

cloud. They were so close to each other that some of them started

complaining about the lack of space. They were so beautiful even while

complaining and arguing that the wind decided to take a picture of

them all to remember the moment. As the wind took a picture and the

flash went off, thunders roared and stopped the arguments and

complaints. The drops started feeling cold and they started becoming

bigger and darker. As they grew they became heavier, so heavy that

they felt like falling down from the cloud.

The most audacious drop decided to jump in the emptiness, all of the

drops followed after. They were so afraid of falling down into the void .

In the middle of the jump before reaching the

ground, the drops felt once again warmth around them. It was the

friendly Sun, which warmed the Earth with his rays. His rays formed a

slide that helped the drops land safely. The slide was beautiful and

colourful, a rainbow!

Some of the water drops that landed decided to enter the permeable

soil and created underground rivers. Other water drops decided to

leave the sources and met up with other water-drops in streams and

rivers. Once again as they were playing all together they arrived once

again..Where you ask? To the immense sea, of course!

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